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Sickboy “Heaven & Earth” Solo Exhibition

Sickboy’s newest show, “Heaven & Earth” contains an entirely new body of work and also presents four major installations which include a walk-in confessional booth (with a resident pastor), and an installation which see’s the who’s who of artists joining Sickboy, including: D*Face, Eine, Anthony Lister, Paul Insect, Vhils, Conor Harrington, Xenz, Word to Mother, […]


Video: VNA feat. Meggs, Kid Zoom & Anthony Lister

VNA teamed up with itdrewitself to produce and document a video of a day with three renowned Australian artists: Meggs, Anthony Lister and Kid Zoom. VNA took the trio to a derelict warehouse in London to paint and chat and the above is the culmination of the day.

Video: 3 Kings by Remi/Rough and System

Anthony Lister print release – one hour from now

There will be an Anthony Lister print release from Paper Monster one hour from now (5pm UK time, noon US time). After the jump catch a couple of images of Anthony putting the finishing touches to the prints. Grab your print from Paper Monster here.


Fresh stuff from Anthony Lister

He’s at it again. Lister hit’s up a gasworks with an incredible piece that makes fantastic use of the surrounding area and it’s elements. Thanks to Wooster for the picture


Anthony Lister on London’s streets

By all accounts Anthony Lister and WK Interact went on a bit of a mission following the launch of their show at Elms Lesters a couple of weeks ago, deciding to storm through Shoreditch together. Check out a couple more Paste-ups from Lister and new partner in crime WK, after the jump. Pics courtesy of […]


WK Interact hits the streets of London town

It seems that no artist worth their salt these days fails to pay a little lip service to the humble London street. Thankfully WK Interact is no different and following the successful launch of his show at Elms Lesters he did what any self-respecting artist would and hit Shoreditch with a few paste-ups. Different spots […]

Video: End of The Line presents The Vapour Trail Series: She One

WK Interact/Anthony Lister competition winners

Due to the high number of entries this competition received, the guys over at Elms Lesters Painting Rooms have kindly provided us with a few more pairs of tickets to this Thursday’s event than was originally planned. In no particular order the winners of our WK Interact/Anthony Lister competition are Philip Gabriel, Paul Coombs, Cyril Delapraz, Spencer Hickman, Greg […]