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Some ‘confusion’ surrounding Banksy’s identity

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We had previously been informed that the Encounters Film Festival would indeed reveal Banksy’s identity, as quoted here:

“Animation Programme manager, Keiran Argo, programmed the Canimation strand of the festival to act as a celebration for Bristol’s involvement in both animation and street art development.

Kieran said: “The programme would have been incomplete without a local contribution so the hunt was on for something special. What Banksy didn’t bargain for when recently stencilling the back wall of Aardman’s new building was the discrete CCTV system they had installed allowing us, for the first time, to put a face to the name. All will be revealed in the programme…’”

Unfortunately, this is not true, and due to some confusion:

“…the film clip claiming to reveal Banksy’s identity is in fact a spoof animated fun piece that plays on Banksy’s anonymity. However, the amusing twist at the end does reveal a well-loved animation character…”

Ah well, apologies to all of those that got their hopes up. Definitely one man in the nation not under CCTV that time.

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