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SMASHnGRAB Street Artist Trading Card Game

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#40 D*Face Parksy

The SmashnGrab trading card game is a follow up to the notorious ARTWORLD sticker collection. South Park vandal “Parksy” has brought together some of his favourite Artworld characters, some new faces and a few of the worlds most well known icons to make a “Top Trumps” style trading card game.

The 4 scoring categories on each card are:

Batman, Spraycan, Heisenberg and Banana however any further information relating to the meaning of these categories is strictly confidential.

In total Season 1 of SmashnGrab contains 100 different trading cards.

You can buy the blind packs and the entire set from the Parky Big Cartel.

Instructions on how to play.


Marc Chagall, L.S Lowry, Rembrandt, Jackson Pollock, Rubens, H.R Giger, Bob Ross, My Dog Sighs, Jimmy Cauty, Maskull Lasserre, Jerkface, Mason Storm, Mobstr, David Hockney, Dondi, Art is trash, Stik, Seetwist, Nunca, Vincent Van Gogh, Retna, Benjam, Mr Thoms, El Mac, SPZERO76, Myla, Lamour Supreme, Alexander Wolfe, Barry Mcgee, Hanksy, Dran, Frank Kozik, Roa, Grayson Perry, Isaac Cordaal, SmugOne, Nychos, Damien Hirst, Jean-Michel Basquiat, D*Face, Napol, Miss*C, Axel Void, Cranio, Fauntleroy Snooty, Nathan Bowen, Sucklord, Plastic Jesus, Bortusk Leer, Parksy (not available in packs), Kobra, The Agent, Jef Aitch, Angus, Bansky, Silent Bill, Gill Bleach, Buff Monster, Cope2, John D’oh, Ron English, Lin Toulcher, Mear One, Mydas, John Nation, Pure Evil, Rozz Manning, King Robbo, Tilt,

Pop Culture:

Walter White, God, Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, Kunt & The Gang, Tim Patch, Pussy Riot, William Shakespeare, Samuel L Jackson, Rhett, Link, Kylo Ren, Karl Pilkington, Muhammad Ali, Gandhi, Ronald Mcdonald, Charles Bronson, Andy Kaufman, Fathers for Justice, Pele, Neil Armstrong, David Icke, Al Capone, Ron Jeremy, Peter Sutcliffe, Batdad, Marty Mcfly, Kenny, Satan, Freddie Krueger, Psy.

#33 Roa Parksy #25 SPZERO76 Parksy #17 Stik Parksy #8 My Dog Sighs #39 Jean-Michel Basquiat Parksy #37 Nychos Parksy

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