Obey x Public Enemy x Glen E Friedman

Obey x Public Enemy x Glen E Friedman

The print above will be released in an edition of 400 from they Obey Giant website tomorrow (August 7). At $80 it is an absolute steal.

Here’s a few words from Shepard on the release:

Public Enemy is my favorite, and in my opinion, the most important hip hop group of all time. I love Public Enemy’s first record: Yo, Bum Rush The Show, but it was only the warm up for the sonic and lyrical firestorm of It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back and Fear of a Black Planet. Those records are must have classics and showed P.E. to be one of the most important forces in music, politics, and culture of the late 20th century. My design studio (Studio Number One) was named after the song Public Enemy Number One from which the group’s name was derived.

The photo the print is illustrated from is by Glen E. Friedman. Glen shot the first two Public Enemy album covers as well as covers for LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys, Minor Threat, among others. I am incredibly honored to to be able to bring Public Enemy, Glen E Friedman, and Obey together for this collaboration. The print is signed by me, Chuck D., and Glen E. Friedman.


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