More new Banksy work in London

picture 3 450x332 More new Banksy work in London

banksy box head robot london u 450x311 More new Banksy work in London

As well as the Haring dog piece there’s a couple of other new pieces that have popped up in London, a take on The Clash’s London Calling cover and a robot box head piece. Images via UnusualimageUnurth.


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He enjoys blogging, cooking new food and bad tv.

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6 Responses

  1. Djcheffo says:

    Where are these??? I’m in Londres tomorrow!!

  2. V.Berry says:

    I like.

  3. Sarah Turner says:

    That wasn’t a Koons dog it was a Keith Haring dog.

  4. busdriver says:

    The robot picture isn’t in London, it’s in Belgrave Rd, Torquay. Try

  5. Djcheffo says:

    Cheers Busdriver, just found out the location whilst rifling through another site, cheers for the heads up! Great time in London though, got trigger happy and snapped some nice bits, and Moniker.

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