London Miles Gallery presents ‘The Next Generation’

London Miles Gallery presents 'The Next Generation'

UKSA are very excited this week as London Miles Gallery in West London promises to unveil a very special one off exhibition showcasing the work of 45 international artists from the New Contemporary Art Movement. The show features the work of renowned emerging artists such as prolific street artist Gaia and figurative illustrators such as the lovely Audrey Kawasaki and Amy Sol (Please see flyer for full list of contributing artists). The Next Generation brings to London for the first time the work of these wonderful artists which are all for sale for all you art lovers out there.London Miles Gallery presents 'The Next Generation'

The opening night of the exhibition is next FridayLondon Miles Gallery presents 'The Next Generation'London Miles Gallery presents 'The Next Generation'June 11th at Westbourne Studios, West London and everyone is welcome to come as entry is free. There will be music, drinks, live art and of course the football! The show is on till the 4th of July if you are unable to attend next Friday. For further information on this special event please e-mail

London Miles Gallery presents 'The Next Generation'


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