Introducing: Belly Kids

Introducing: Belly Kids

Belly Kids are a new discovery for me and I thought I’d share the goods with you all. The BK release books, prints, tapes and all sorts – collaborating with artists and illustrations and also working on exhibitions and show.

Having been featured on It’s Nice That, Design Milk, Laughing Squid, Pikaland, The Guardian, Computer Arts, The Independent, Wonderland Magazine, Shortlist Magazine, Empire Magazine, The Sabotage Times, The Metro, Don’t Panic London and Uncrate they’re picking up momentum and have an online shop choc full of goodness!

I’m a big fan of both of the books below “Thrill Murray” and the “Hell Yeah” Wrestling colouring book – some great illustration work!

Introducing: Belly Kids
Thrill Murray Book
Introducing: Belly Kids
Hell Yeah – Wrestling Colouring Book

You can use the code “BELLY30” for the next week to save 30% on any purchase.

It’s also possible to pick up their books at Waterstones, the Tate Modern, Foyles, Rough Trade and KK Outlet.


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