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Graffiti porcelain from the Cabracega Studio

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All City_Mar

Not UK but we thought what Portugal’s Cabracega Studio have done with this project, entitled All City, was pretty interesting. Below is some blurb from the studio regarding this particular project but you can catch more from Cabracega here.

“Within the graffiti context, All City intends to re-interpret some of the most classical Portuguese porcelain sets: the nobility of classical shapes were re-invented with improbable graffiti motifs, based on a contemporary urban language.

It’s intended to confront two different places and times. On one hand, we have the elegant quality of porcelain – represented by the table sets and decorative objects, taking us back to a different timeframe. On the other hand, there is graffiti as an art form and a way for contemporary urban intervention, which aims to promote new perspectives over cityscapes.”

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