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Global Street Art release a new book: Concrete Canvas

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Concrete Canvas: How Street Art Is Changing the Way Our Cities Look

The guys at Global Street Art released a new book yesterday, titled “Concrete Canvas: How Street Art is Changing The Way Our Cities Look”.

For those of you who don’t know, GSA have been spending the past few years documenting street art across the globe and have recorded over 50,000 pieces on their sprawling website. Having collected these shots, Lee Bofkin, owner of GSA, has collated a compendium of images with a story behind them – how the ever-growing world of street art is transforming the cities we live in. From legal and illegal walls through to stickers and paste-ups, this book gives you the low down on the artists who are making their mark and inspiring many more to continue in their footsteps.

What happens when you look at graffiti and street art as unlimited art forms instead of urban phenomena? Concrete Canvas does just that; investigating the media the artists work with, the canvases they work on, the themes that arise through their work, and the way their art redefines the spaces in which it is set.

Concrete Canvas is filled with stunning photos of works from new and exciting artists, as well as established names, including Ron English, Phlegm, Daim, Invader and more. It examines how the curation of public space is affecting our cities and moving art into the future.

Unlike the majority of books, which are collections of photos, this book handles the narrative well, talking you through the stories behind the documentation.

You can pick up your copy from Amazon for 16.59.

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