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CodeFC shutter in Portabello, London

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Codefc says: “New shutter in portobello after some  new school idiots went over fume achy…!! no respect anyway hope u like
the  postcard piece has already been tagged by another new school idiot”

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1 Comment

  1. those ‘new school idiots’ didnt go over the fume piece .. the newsagent told organisers of a nearby show it was cool to have some new stuff on the shutters so they painted the whole thing top to bottom in grey paint .. the ‘new school idiots’ turned up to find a grey shutter and told to go for it … so dont go sayin there was no fuc£ing respect .. i know one of the painters persoanlly and was there when he explained this to you Code# so why it never managed to sink in i dont know ! and whats with you calling people new school anyway .. are you old school ??? i think not .