Book review: Stickerbomb 2

Book review: Stickerbomb 2

Sticker bomb 2 has an innovative notion towards public art. Not only is the concept of designing stickers nostalgic but also a brilliant way to get the viewer to become part of the decision-making process. Each sticker represents an idea, a thought and/or an emotion created by the artist. The viewer then obtains the personal decision as to where each sticker will be placed, ideally in a public space for others also to enjoy.

When I was a child I would go mad for stickers. There is that proud moment in receiving a sticker when doing well in school and then making that rewarding choice as to where that sticker is going to be placed. Seeing artists take something that is childlike and turn it into something alluring not only brings me down memory lane but also is also awe-inspiring. Several of the stickers scenes remind me of the bizarre waiting room in beetle juice, unearthly creepy crawlers that are sure to make you snicker.

The fact that this is a book full of stickers will only provoke you to want to peel them out and stick them up. The book is full of fantastic art work and if you are someone who enjoys not only checking out great artistic talent but also enjoy helping others in promoting their work then I would absolutely recommend this book.

You can pick the book up for £15.95 from the Laurence King site.

Review by Jenene Hart


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He's a UX and UI Designer based in London, UK.

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