Banksy x Time Out London: interview, cover and online takeover

Banksy x Time Out London: interview, cover and online takeover

Mr Banksy has gone and done it again. Sunday saw him feature on the cover of The Sunday Times alongside a 6 page feature.

Today, he’s “getting up” on Time Out London. Is his cover raising the question of “changing of the guard” – more beef with Robbo to come? Inside Time Out’s Art editor, Ossian Ward interviews Banksy covering the usual topics, you know, the ones where Banksy really doesn’t give too much away. If you missed it last week, they also have a gallery of images from the pop-up cinema under Waterloo Station, the infamous Leake St.

The “fireplace” surround across almost the entire site depicts the same image as the cover, but hits almost 300,000 pages.

For the eBay fans and Banksy collectors – you can buy a exclusive poster and cover set. The poster weighing in at a hefty 682mm x 515mm, along with a clean cover for the (small) sum of £12.99. Order yours now

Disclaimer: Mark Jenkins is a freelance Web designer for Time Out.


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He's a UX and UI Designer based in London, UK.

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