Banksy – “Sorry! The Lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock”

poplar3 460x306 Banksy   Sorry! The Lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock

More new Banksy…This one’s on East India Dock Road, but rumour has it that it’s gone already.


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He enjoys blogging, cooking new food and bad tv.

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6 Responses

  1. Leonthezombiechild says:

    there’s gonna be some teary-eyed hipsters

  2. ahha says:

    its still there!

  3. Alanpcummins says:

    It’s still there, I seen it today! Sheer brilliance. Well done Bansky.

  4. andi2av says:

    still there even in the snow & not yet vandalised Feb 5th 2012

  5. Blackwall says:

    Drive past it everyday and it’s still there.

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