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Banksy at Sundance

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From Arrested Motion:

Some very interesting developments over in Park City, Utah where the Sundance Film Festival is about to get underway. Apparently, about four new alleged Banksy stencils have popped up, with the one seen above being the best one so far. Adding to the intrigue are the rumors that the “Spotlight Surprise” documentary will actually be about Banksy and entitled “Exit Through The Gift Shop,” the title of a famous piece from his recent Bristol Museum show.

What will be revealed? The true identity of Mr. B? The explanation behind Mr. Brainwash who was supposedly filming a documentary on Banksy? Another hoax or joke on the audience? The possibilities are endless…  although the Festival Director John Cooper does describe the documentary by saying – “Surprise is a good thing. Take a chance on this one. I confess, it’s one of my favorites this year.”

Via Arrested Motion and Nuart09 thru TWBE.

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