Banksy arrest hoax

Banksy arrest hoax

“The Banksy arrest is a hoax,” the street artist’s publicist, Jo Brooks, told The Independent.

The internet was alive with rumours of the arrest of the illustrious Banksy earlier and it turns out that the original report from the National Report was a fake. It was alleged that the Met Police had arrested Banksy and his identity had been revealed (finally!). This same story made claim to his London studio being raided and the police finding  “thousands of dollars of counterfeit money along with future projects of vandalism”. Alongside this, ‘identity’ thought to have belonged to the street artists, again, allegedly identifying him as Liverpool-born, Paul Horner.

As other news reports are confirming, a quick search on le Google shows that the quotes were originally published last year on the hoax website PRLog.

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Louise Mensch, the author had something to say about it:



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