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Adam Neate to give away 1000 pieces of his work..

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“Art worth an estimated £1m is being given away by one of the world’s leading street artists, Adam Neate, in an exhibition that will see 1,000 pieces deposited across the capital and left for whoever wishes to take them.”

I read this after tipped us off about the article in today’s Independent about Mr Neate and his street art giveaway bonanza. I couldnt quite believe it at first, but it seems to be for real and I expect a fair few people are going to be taking the day off this Friday on the hunt for one of his works.

The drops will be made this Friday, 14th Nov according to the paper and they’re stating that they will be all over London:

“The action will begin before dawn, when helpers will begin distributing the hand-painted pieces on the outskirts of the city, moving inwards towards the city centre as the day goes on. While some will be left at famous landmarks around the capital many pieces will be placed in less salubrious areas of the city – both Lambeth and Hackney will be decorated.”

Let’s just say. Friday can’t come round quick enough. In the mean time, follow all the chat and banter in the post over at the Neate Forum

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