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A guide to the perfect wall art

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No home is complete without some wall art to give it extra personality and style. If you want to choose the perfect pieces for your property, take a look at these top tips.

Iconic images

One simple way to add interest to your rooms is to invest in some iconic images, and it’s now easy to purchase an array of these prints. You can take your pick from pictures of Hollywood stars such as Jane Fonda, Sophia Loren, Paul Newman or Marilyn Monroe, as well as landscape shots of wonders like the magnificent Brooklyn Bridge.

These prints, which often come in black in white, have a timeless appeal, meaning they never go out of fashion. Also, you needn’t splash much cash to get your hands on artwork like this, which is great news if you’re working to a tight budget.

The personal approach

Of course, mass produced pieces like these don’t appeal to everyone. If you’d prefer to go for a more personal approach, why not display some of your very own photos? Perhaps you have some impressive landscape snaps you’d like to display, or maybe you’d prefer to showcase images of your family or friends.

It’s now simple to take advantage of digital printing services. You can choose whether to display your photos on canvas, aluminium or acrylic, or to create posters or mounted gallery prints.

Original paintings

Another option is to invest in original paintings. Expect to pay more for this, but you should be able to find pieces that fall within your budget. For example, by heading to local galleries or looking online, it’s often possible to find paintings for under £500.

Having items like this in your home can be a great feeling. After all, you possess something truly unique that adds real character to your walls.

Prints of the greats

If you’d prefer to go for a more conventional approach, you can opt for prints of your favourite well-known paintings. It’s now straightforward and inexpensive to buy poster and canvas versions of these creations.

Think size and colour

Regardless of the type of artwork you go for, there are some general principles to bear in mind. For example, the size of the pieces you choose matters. Small pictures and paintings can be dwarfed in big rooms, while very large prints can be overbearing if they are positioned in small spaces.

Also, you should pay attention to colour when you’re selecting pieces. Ideally, your artwork should complement rather than clash with your decor. Of course, if you see a piece of art that you simply can’t resist and it doesn’t happen to fit in with your colour scheme, you can always change your rooms to suit.

Make your wall art stand out

To help ensure your wall art stands out, it’s a good idea to invest in some picture lights or spot lights. Illuminating art in this way serves to enhance the overall effect. You can purchase all the lights you need online from firms such as The Lighting Superstore.

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