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10Foot goes to work on Banksy

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Does this go against the grain of the so called ‘rules’ – throw-up over a tag, dub over a throw-up, piece over a dub, etc? All’s fair in love and war though i s’pose.

Can’t see 10Foot losing any sleep over it anyway, or Banksy for that matter. In fact i can’t imagine 10Foot sleeping much – he’s too busy bombing the streets of London town!

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  1. 10Foot spoiled that well done banksy piece. That took him a whole 10 seconds to write something thats to be honest meaningless. 10Foot does get up don’t get me wrong but this is shit really, keep to the dubs bruv coz you spoiled that shit.

  2. I hate the scumbags that make a mess of descent pieces like that. It’s hard enough for good graffiti artists to earn respect and show the world that not all graffiti is bad to the average joe when there’s shit like this around.

  3. Banksy originaly painted that piece in memory of Ozone! that piece should never have been touched.


    …and come on, ‘say no to artfags’ ha ha ha…A strong message to kids today if approached by an ‘artfag’ in the street. sureley if your going to embarrass yourself by using the term ‘artfags’, then ‘Fuck artfags’ or ‘artfags must die’ would have been better?!

    remember kids, just say NO!

  4. there has 2 be a good reason why 10 foot is doing this , its shame and very upsetting as street belongs 2 every one ,
    no one has right 2 do do this other street art , banksy has work for many years… 2 bring us some of the best street art in world and now . banksy and goldie are doing exhibit together called G.B , using drum and bass styles and designs , i hope 10 foot will be dead soon as we know both goldie and banksy will be hit on the streets together after the G.B exhibit.
    belive me we dont need 10foot putting his tag on their street art .
    10 foot plz tag on your our space stop killing off street art ,
    as we the public lose out , and thats unfair .

  5. banksy is the graffiti king of all time and i have never heard of ’10foot’ let alone seen his stuff in books or in a gallery – i think he must be jealous of banksys great political meanings.

  6. i am absolutley raging at the anonymous comment as this person clearly does not understand the concepts of street art and graffiti as it is not about being in books or galleries but on the streets and the main reason banksy has political meanings is to get more coverage on how “anti-commercial” he is, funny dont you think as he makes LOTS of money from it

  7. things are getting exciting. Poor 10foot is an angry, jealous deprived insecure little man who dresses like a pikey. i’ve seen him.
    He couldn’t get the john lennon fame he wanted, so he did a Mark Chapman to Banksy’s piece instead!! They just can’t bare to see their little scene slip away cos it’s all they got. Maybe if they were a little brighter, stopped smoking so much chronik and munching pils they’d be able to swallow their pathetic pride amongst their equally stupid ‘wanna-be gangster’ mates and make some money out of their work, or get a job instead of relying on benefits for them and their scabby kids and skanky girlfriends. The times they are a changing, doing this just looks like you can’t accept change, or adapt. The strongest survive. We’ll see how this one plays out…..

  8. leave me alone. pick on someone your own size. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do it. The bigger boys told me to do it. They said i could be in their gang if i did it. I won’t do it again i promise. I’m really scared. Am I in big trouble with the police now?

  9. wow that was a really very classist response there from ‘my boyfriend’. calling him a chav, assuming his girldfriends a skank and he collects benefits… the true middleclass tory face of streetart. p.s. extra kudos for the bob dylan and mark chapman references, youre underground man.


  11. Drumer you little arselicking twat, I’ve seen you trying to suck 10foot’s cock all along Regent’s canal. Give it up and get your own cause you little biter.

  12. Banksy is an art fag but then 10foot is a beg-friend graff fag trying to get a shortcut fame….and look it’s working…..

  13. 1st of all none of those people are 10foot banksy or oker. 2nd – you think 10foot is a begfriend and that he needs this fame like he wasnt one of the biggest writers in london before fucking up shoreditch? i suggest that you artfags need to learn theres more to london than shoreditch, dalston and hackney wick.

  14. What a bunch of fucking toys.

    Jealousy and envy instead of trying to actually do something worthwhile….
    Artfags? What are you on about? Are you an artist or a little fame beggar. I always thought that there was a code amongst us that if you didn’t have anything to say then don’t say it and if you were going to get up over someone elses work you aught to at least try to do better.

    Stupid little desperate attention seeking kids give everyone a bad name.