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The End of the Line

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Meeting of styles – London 7th June All day block party

The weekend saw the first ever London Meeting of styles Hosted by EndOfTheLine kick off to a great start, our foreign spray paint supplier, Sabotaz, aptly sabotaged the import of hundreds of cans of paint – but the graffiti jam continued unabated with all the style and panache of a seasoned Vietnam veteran…

…And then there was more: Over thirty graffiti artists’ pitted side by side amongst strangers, friends and fellow graffers, blessed the concrete and steel of the roof top spot, arguably the greatest Hall Of Fame London has ever seen.

The event was largely security free, Similar to the loosely enforced Parisian traffic but without the casualties or needless vandalism With more ‘brilliant reds’, ‘blood oranges’, ‘shock blacks’ and ‘ vibrant yellows’ than you can shake a can at. The main event was the monumental “London’s Burning” piece, painted by London’s Finest on the Great (undisputed) Wall of The Village Underground. It was like a cosmic fusion of anarchy and dystopia juxtaposed with sun light colors that shimmered on one of the warmest mid days of this year.

The studios off Great Eastern Street, An Island of graffiti, sitting defiantly amongst the Easts gallery and trendy quarter is surely the best rooftop the city has to offer. With four tube carriages above the arches, this is a graffiti artist’s wet dream, a playground for paint. During EndOfTheLine’s off the cuff take over of the Hall of Fame, a lucky few bore witness to the freestyle session from London’s finest graffiti artists, while DJ’s spun old skool Hip-Hop and Funk till the twilight hours.

Specially uninvited revelers remained on the roof till late taking photos and dancing, caring very little about the few spats of rain that only served to lubricate the already well lubricated crowd. A metaphor suitably describing EndOfTheLine’s disregard for predictability.

This was THE outdoor shindig of the summer so far. Definitely the grandest freestyle fusion you would have ever wanted to experience. Many whispers suggest there’s more body blowing parties to come. Keep your ears pinned back for what will truly be an epic summer of exhibitions, impromptu parties and late night drinking sessions.

More photos on their Flickr page

And a bit about the crew:

We represent the true artists of the urban revolution. Innovative Aerosol artists who have honed their skills on the streets and walls of Britain. Able to paint in any style, and bring passion, skill, and imagination to any brief.

We represent a culture based on purity and authenticity. Our goal is to take Aerosol to a new dimension through the production of jaw dropping large scale murals and cutting edge creative design. We provide a platform for creativity curating exhibitions, paintings and community events.

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