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‘Street Fonts’ by Claudia Walde

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Street Fonts celebrates the beauty of graffiti writing literally. The book has been compiled by author Claudia Walde who enlisted 154 creative writers from across the globe to alphabetize their style of work into their own individual interpretations of the Latin alphabet. The book is a visual feast of typography, which inspires the reader to pick up an array of pens to create his or her own version of their ideal alphabet.  Street Fonts touches upon several styles of typography ranging from classic old school graffiti letter forms to modern font designs, leaving behind the generic Times New Roman font we have learnt to settle with. Our world would be a brighter place if we were to take this publication and use the revised and colourful alphabet letters in this book to communicate with one another. Walde highlights the fact that writing is an expression of personality and through the contributing artists vision of their ideal Latin alphabet, we can appreciate the alphabet in its entirety as a new form of artwork.

A must read for everyone as you will never look at the alphabet in the same way again. Contributing artists include 123 Klan (Canada), Faith47(South Africa), Inkie (UK) and Hera (Germany).

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