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Ronzo’s “Pity of London” street sculptures

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Ronzo has been a firm favourite of the UKSA team since we saw his excellent show at Stolen Space last year. He’s come back strong and hard with these amazing street sculptures, positioned around the city, cemented into the financial heart:

“This limited edition series of street sculptures celebrates the recent announcement of the long awaited end to the UK recession. Like the Griffins of old, these sculptures have been cemented into the streets of London’s financial district as markers, this time not as a geographical boundary, but a social one representing the end of the worst recession in a generation.

Each sculpture consists of a little silver Credit Crunch Monster sitting on a 1.2 metre high plinth. These Monsters have feasted on the fabric of our society leaving lasting teeth marks in our once shiny Pound and filling their pot-bellies until they need a bit of a lie down.”

Amazing stuff, I can imagine some people are going to be driving down in the middle of the night trying to get one of these beauties off the street? Peep more of Ronzo’s work on his site.

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