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Review: Against the Wall: the art of resistance in Palestine by William Parry

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When visiting the West Bank last year and seeing the illegally built wall by Israel I came across a piece of graffiti that said ‘best place in the world for graffiti and street art ever’, and there is no doubt it’s an incredible political canvas. Photographer and journalist William Parry’s fantastic new book Against the Wall: The Art of Resistance in Palestine is a great compilation, recording some the incredible pieces to be found along the wall.

In 2007, Pictures on Walls alongside Banksy and other artists took their famous concept store Santa’s Ghetto to Bethlehem, bringing with them the worlds attention to one of the worlds most volatile conflicts. Buyers could only bid if they travelled to the area and personally witnessed for themselves the situation.

The book documents political to humorous pieces by artists such as Banksy, Ron English, Swoon, Faile, Blu and many unknown Palestinian and international artists who have visited or live with the wall and left their mark upon it. With a mixture of images and personal accounts of Palestinians living under the illegal occupation, Parry gives an insight into how the wall affects daily life. It includes the problems such as the check points that stop so many getting the urgent medical attention that they need and the mental effect that living inside the wall has.

This is a great collection of photos and an interesting insight into the incredibly complex situation which I am sure art will reflect for many years to come.

You can buy the book at a specially discounted rate for all of our readers for £10.79 here

Words by Tessa Bryson

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