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On the Road Again

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This post is quite simple really, it’s a few shots of some of my favourite pieces that I have had the privilege to see, in recent months, and I thought that I would share them with you.

When it comes to the graffiti and street art scene, the West Midlands is not one of the first places that would spring to mind when you consider some the work that’s coming out of other areas of the UK. Trust me though, you would be very surprised!

As a photographer, I have to be honest when I say that I love nothing more than getting out and about to see what I can find and, trust me, there is no greater feeling than turning a corner and spotting a massive burning piece – especially if you’ve been wandering around for hours and found nothing!

Artist: N4T4 (This guys photorealism work is unbelievable and you may have seen him in action at Upfest earlier this year)


Artist: Rascal (Absolute burner!)

HSM Crew in action on this one … Who doesn’t love a bit of Top Cat and Officer Dibble?!

Artist: Vomit (This guy has been rocking the West Midlands for a while now and I have shots of a lot of his work but the colour scheme on this made it pop straight off the wall … It’s a quality piece!)

Artist: Meek

As you can see by now, the West Midlands scene is alive and pumping with some really great artwork that is being produced by some amazing artists. It’s great to be involved in the scene up here, loads of great work to see and I hope that a lot of the artists achieve the recognition that they certainly deserve .

Artist: Fluid

Artist: Ziner

Artist: Title

Artist: Title, Kem and Mef (The full shot, this piece should go down in history. It’s jaw dropping when you see it – the detail, the colours, everything is just next level)

Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed my brief tour of work that I’ve found here, there and everywhere from around the West Midlands and I have plenty more to share with you so please just keep checking back with us here at UK Street Art to get your regular fix!

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