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New York gets hit with a new Banksy

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It seems that the main man himself has continued on his tour of America, and this time putting up a huge mural on the corner of Wooster and Grand St. in Soho, New York.

There’s a thread over on the Banksy forum with updated pictures and people questioning the fact that he’s employed someone else to do the work for him – and whether it’s actually a “Banksy” or not. People are raising some interesting points:

“Ironically, this is a painting of a rat painting itself. Self-recognition is considered the highest form of intelligence. anyone else understand this irony?! By Banksy not painting this piece he references the art and the situation. The whole concept can therefore be considered a Banksy art project.”

Meanwhile, a statement from Laz goes by the following:

“No, there’s nothing by him in the show at all. He’s just planning his own big shows at the moment, so he didn’t have time to contribute.”

Fueling further rumours about an NYC show for the stencil don. Could it be? We’ll just have to wait and see I guess..

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  1. TIME drop the BOMB.
    BANSKY & GOLDIE, showing nuff lov together .
    New York is ok But LONDON RUN -TINGS………
    BANKSY & GOLDIE , both doing STREET ART Event Called ( G.B)
    in LONDON , very soon .
    BANKSY smashing & mashing with GOLDIE. Brappp BRAPPPPP
    Watch out for More INFO.
    THE ( G.B) Heading your way SOON

  2. LONDON MASSIVE .lol, i agree new york is ok , full of rats ive been told.
    hi, ladysweetness myself and few of my friends , would love 2 know lot more about G.B..
    wow, at last goldie & banksy , in bed together on the street art .
    am happy its base on drum and bass , cant stand this hop hip gangster bullshit. . big up banksy & goldie. on the drum & bass ,
    ps.plz dont forget about the JUNGLE, lol.
    bless. darkeyes

  3. about time this had 2 happend.
    wow, on the drum and bass designs ,
    really happy its going down in london .
    cant wait 2 see banksy , and goldie , its a dream coming true.
    many thanks ladysweetness, plz tell me, whats with the brapppp lol
    the question is how long before we get know , when and how much .
    big up 2 all the street artists , from CLICK, am on the streets in north london massive .

  4. YES , YES , YES , YES .
    bAnKsY & GolDI E , AT LAST .
    I Shall be taking a Day off work for this ONE .


    am off 2 church lol.
    the day has come ,,,,, HARDCORE…….. BOTH TOGETHER .
    this should happend years ago ,

  6. i have 2 be dead 2 miss this exhibit ,
    Banksy & Goldie, on the drum and bass ,
    best news ever ,

  7. couldnt make it 2 new york , wish there was more pic’s
    wicked art work from banksy.
    now its like christmas , having bansky & goldie
    plus on this drum and bass styles, best news i had for years.
    i hope they do art work together ,

  8. banksy you all ways get better every year .
    its not christmas , puzzle its new year when it comes 2
    banksy & goldie , lol
    as for the drum and bass styles & designs this type of street art
    wonderfully 2 hear this and about time.

  9. had 2 drop a comment, lol. i guess banksy on the mic & goldie on the deckslol . I love both of them. after all they both been on the streets for years.
    Now together on the drum and bass, no more hip hops styles.
    i really hope then we have more exhibit,s in the UK,
    AS drum and bass was born here, prue british .
    now we going have a prue form of england street art with this G.B exhibit
    plz reply bk LadySweetNess

  10. time 2 BLOW , thanks ladysweetness, at last , few things i lov in mylife
    two of them banksy & goldie, now doing a exhibit called G.B
    moving into drum and bass designs of streert art ,
    are you having other artists or is it banksy and goldie only ,
    as G.B does stand for Geat Britain and should involved other streetartists
    plz reply bk

  11. HIT US UP , going 2 ladysweetness. if theres a guest list plz add me & 10 of my friends for this G.B exhibit lol.
    when do we found out more about G.B .

  12. no more rats plz, & my wish come has come true lol
    be waiting for this for years , now banksy & goldie .
    many thanks 2 ladysweetness.

  13. reading about the G.B exhibit , is like having a Nuclear bomb going off.
    street art will never be the same after this G.B exhibit .

  14. best news i had for years, put me down for the G.B.
    ladysweetness plz send us your webby site .
    nuff respect going 2 banksy and goldie so happy you both are working together ,

  15. getting boring with the rats, lol, so happy 2 read about this G.B exhibit
    wicked it going down in london, as new york is not as gd as London.
    banksy & goldie are moving together , next they be doing a remix
    I just have 2 keep coming bk 2 UKSA , 2 found out more about this G.B
    as for the art work , nothing new from banksy , now i can understand why banksy is working with goldie . yes i hate rats, also i hate drum & bass.
    is banksy and goldie got some against me. lol
    dont care as this all new for street art moving with drum & bass styles.
    time show the usa , how its done for real . prue british .

  16. WOW, banksy & goldie … time rob a bank 2 get the money 2
    buy the art work for this G.B exhibit, ,,, hit us up .

  17. plz forget about New York,,,, time 2 kick ass in LONDON,,,
    as for the rats , once again boring,,,,,, seen it before …..
    yes i agree,, banksy & goldie working together on drum and bass designs
    welldone 2 LadySweetness,, hit us up for the G.B event ,,,

  18. the rats has been done before in the early 60s i think,,, Banksy,, forget about new york,, its all about england,,, dont be a sell out … stay in england and bomb our streets with your ART work ,,,, iv said this before ..
    ladysweetness plz let us know what is going on with the G.B event .,..also if you see a RAT you kill it,, no more rats,,, we need 2 see the new designs for drum and bass ,,,,, with goldie & banksy then you know every one else will follow as i cant stand this hip-hop styles any more … plus the music is rubbish,,,, peace and lov allways,, no more rats