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JBoy’s take on Banksy for Christmas

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The last time we posted something from JBoy it sparked some controversy and here with another post, we’re sure this will do too. That’s not to say that we’re purely posting this for controversy, but the latest print from the camp is titled “Very Litte Helper” and is a cheeky take on the Banksy print pictured below. Santa’s Little Helper from the Simpsons makes another appearance too…

What do you think?

The print will be available soon, in an edition of 50, signed and numbered, measuring 60 x 60 cm. Buy yours here.

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  1. “Truly awful, talentless”

    He’ll probably take that as a compliment knowing it’s getting the right reaction as he dines out on causing a stink.

  2. Your a con man. Wheres your name for a start?
    Never had a problem with them, pretty smart team.

    People dismiss what they can’t comprehend.

  3. “This guy is an absolute tool, and a con man. Don’t support anything this awful clown does!” yes, and it’s all Brainwash fault

  4. Just going to step into this love in for a second…

    The people posting here are teenagers sitting in a xfactor poster strewn room with pot noodles on the floor.

    Never trusted people that play warcraft.

    If being Con men mean we drive around in a yellow van, live in peckham and have a mate called trigger. Then, to be honest, your not far off.

    Anything other than that is made up, unfortunately.

    All the pest


    1. Everything is done in photoshop. Unless you have invented a new way of doing things in the modern day then your argument is pretty flawed.
      The best ideas only take seconds, like your attention span.

  5. This print should not be made. Nothing like riding coattails in terms of hype and image. Jboy is worthless, and will continue to be worthless in the future. The people that support this are also worthless.

  6. Truly fucking awful. this jboy fella represents everything that is BAD about the street art genre alogside silky they truly are a pair of money grabbing cunts.

  7. I’m actually in love with this…
    I’m more in love with the fact that there’s like a million little banksy fan boys saying how aweful this is…
    He’s not the messiah, he’s just a very silly boy!

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