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Diary date: April 4, Miss Bugs and Joe Black at Brooklynite Gallery

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Miss Bugs and Joe Black‘s work is a public summit on the infallibility of comic books, fairy tales, and emerging artists – a cut to the core of blue chip art and born-into pop culture.  We, Brooklynite Gallery, give you “2 Many Artists”: Cut it up how you want – that’s what they do, paying tribute to legions of artists. British collaborators Miss Bugs and Joe Black lead a grim but loving procession through hives of art world iconography.

For Miss Bugs“2 Many Artists” celebrates their role as middlemen, spinning toward answers in the marketplace where art titans and street artists remake each other.  Who owns art and why do people make it? With a warped sexiness, their work is fantastical and tangible as a bloody nose. Miss Bugs is an image-maker using collage and layering silk screens with other found materials to generate stories.  Often the work is not about Miss Bugs, but the images themselves, displaced from their usual habitat.

Joe Black wields Lego’s like arrows — which is funny because they end up facing everyone head on.  His technique of assembling photorealistic images from found objects is extremely advanced. The scarily precise formal elements are mirrored content-wise.  His specific icons and way of depicting them highlight a sinister piece of pop culture and the art world that, through infinite generations, will not leave.

Brooklynite Gallery is located at 334 Malcolm X Blvd. (between Decatur & Bainbridge Streets) Brooklyn, NY 11233, just two blocks from the Utica Ave. subway stop on the A or C subway lines, in Stuyvesant Heights.  Gallery hours are Thursday – Saturday 1:00pm -7:00pm or by appointment.   For all press inquiries and info about the artists contact Hope McGrath at 347-405-5976 or

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