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Cloud Talk by Mr Jago at Stolen Space

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StolenSpace are preparing for the 1st London solo show by Mr Jago. The show will include new work on canvas, silk, wood & installations, and there will be a release of 2 new limited edition screen prints.

‘I see figures & form everywhere, in water, carpet patterns, shadows, clouds, everything is an abstract character and they are free’

‘Of all weather phenomena, I find clouds the most fascinating, from the silky filaments of high altitude cirrus to the towering, threatening mass of storm-bearing cumulonimbus, clouds are as varied as the new work itself. I love cloud watching, from no where the fluffy mass morphing shapes from a cunning fox with whispy ears to familiar faces ’

The show is set to open on the 12th September through to the 28th and is a must for any fans of his work. For further information, check out the site

The Old Truman Brewery 91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL
T:0207 247 2684

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