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Brandalism: Largest street art advertising takeover (ever)

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At the weekend crews from 10 different UK cities managed to pull off the largest advertising takeover in world history (as far as we can tell). 365 public ads were access replaced with art from 38 international artists including Peter Kennard, Paul Insect, Bill Posters, Goldpeg and Radiohead’s artist of choice Stanley Donwood (UK), Princess Hijab (France), Ron English (USA), Peter Fuss (Poland) and Anthony Lister (Australia).

The Brandalism website will show people how they can replicate this type of action in their localities.

Bill Posters, one of the artists involved in Brandalism, said:

“This is a revolt against visual pollution. Advertising is key driver of a system which destroys our future to fulfil the demands of the present, a ceaseless expansion of production and consumption. Communities are taking back control over their public spaces – expect many more actions like this in the near future.”

Paul Insect Hashtag

Ankles in Manchester

Cleon Peterson, Manchester

Penny Rimbaud, London

Hutch in Leeds

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