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Ben Frost ‘Crapitalism’ solo show at Dray Walk

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Aussie artist Ben Frost’s Crapitalism opens on September 26 at the Dray Walk in the East End, with the private view from 6pm on September 25 (tomorrow).

Increasingly known for poking fun at the manipulative techniques and tools of the advertising industry, ‘Crapitalism’, his first UK solo show, is no different. Using a ‘collage’ style of unlikely bed-fellows, his paintings are mash-ups of popular culture that probe our generation’s relationship with media and advertising.

We caught up quickly with the artist himself to learn a little more of his obsession with popular culture, here’s what he had to say:

“My relationship with popular culture is a love/hate affair. I always feel like vomiting when I’m in the supermarket – but not until I’ve scoured the brightly lit aisles and fondled the colourful packaging and read each and every perky slogan that whispers seductively to me.[…] This is Crapitalism” Ben Frost

No Walls are representing Ben for the Crapitalism exhibition. You can contact them for further information and sales enquries by hitting their site

More pics from Ben’s show after the jump.

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