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Amnesty international: Making the Invisible Visible

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‘Making the Invisible Visible’ created such widespread awareness for the case of Troy Davis, that Amnesty International have worked with W+K again to extend the campaign across Europe.

Each of the new installations depict a close up of an individual’s face. With the image invisible from the front on view, as you approach the fence the face begins to take shape and show. A plaque on each site alerts passers-by to an Amnesty International website where they can take action in support of each of the individuals featured.

Mentalgassi have created work that appears in 26 sites across Wales, Ireland, Germany and Denmark. The 6 individuals highlighted in this year’s work include Fatima Hussein Badi, who faces the death penalty in Yemen after an unfair trial, Jabbar Savalan, who is in prison in Azerbaijan for his peaceful anti-government activism (including comments he made on Facebook), and Natalia Estemirova, a Russian human rights activist whose murder has not been brought to justice.

The cases are also part of Amnesty’s Write for Rights initiative, (December 3-17) which will see hundreds of thousands of people send messages of support to those around the world that have suffered human rights abuses.

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