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Spraying Bricks: Man on a Mission…

Spraying Bricks: Man on a Mission…

Spraying Bricks are back with their latest video, about a passionate individual named Ronin Tomoshima Just before the turn of the year they were fortunate enough to be invited by none other than London based artist Word To Mother, for his recent California Coming Home show at White Walls Gallery. During their time there they […]


Word To Mother “Fuck You, Pay Me”

“Fuck You, Pay Me” is a series of baseball bats by Word To Mother which can be seen in his brand new show “Can’t Afford to be Broke” which opened today at the White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. Alongside the bats, dollar bills with MOTHER screen printed on top, make up the work with a […]


The Reverse Graffiti Project

The British artist Paul Curtis is not sure what to call his version of vandalism. “People call it ‘reverse graffiti,’ ” he says, “but I prefer something less sinister: ‘clean tagging’ or ‘grime writing.’ ” Curtis, a k a Moose, selectively scrubs dirty, derelict city property (tunnel walls, sidewalks) so that words and images are […]