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As seen on street

Loads of these orphan paste-ups popped up across London a couple of weeks ago. If you, like us have been wondering where they’ve come from check this guy’s flickr out here for more info. So neat and well designed they almost look commerical.


Dr. D hits Hackney

She’s at it again, this time Dr. D is hitting Hackney with some political messages. Saw these just off Mare St towards the bottom near “Hackney Car Centre” Great work.

Video: 3 Kings by Remi/Rough and System

HUGE Prefab paste-up in Newcastle

Prefab has just done a massive paste-up on the two sides of The Ship Inn Pub in Byker. Huge piece of amazing work. Check more of Prefabs work here and buy prints from the man here, at Electrik Sheep More pics after the jump