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Banksy x Olympics

A couple of new Banksy pieces have appeared on his website, just before the London 2012 Olympics begin on Friday. As ever, tongue-in-cheek work from Mr B.  The question is, will these pieces survive the “clean-up” on the streets of London? What do you think? Pop a comment in the box below..

'Clown Town', painted by Mau Mau.

The Olympics vs Street Art and Graffiti

Clown Town painted by Mau Mau By now everyone should be aware of an event that is happening in London, in the year 2012, starting next week…  If you’re not, you may actually live under a rock. The London Vandal recently reported that a series of raids across London led to artist arrests during an […]


Jamie Hewlett – BBC Olympics Title sequence

Gorillaz collaborators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have created the opening sequence for the BBC’s Olympics coverage. Based on the traditional Chinese tale Journey To The West, here the characters Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy stand by the Bird’s Nest stadium in Beijing.