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Video: Lazarides Hell’s Half Acre preview

“Hell’s Half Acre” is the Lazarides Galleries‘ new off-site exhibition, which will be open for viewing from October 12 to 17 2010. The labyrinth of tunnels beneath London’s Waterloo station...


Grifters at Lazarides: now open

You’ve seen the street pieces, felt the hype and tried to sneak past the bouncers at the private view…well, now Lazarides’ star-studded ‘Grifters’ show is open to the public. For...


The Grifters take to the streets

Lazarides‘ bevvy of talent have been taking to the wet and windy streets of London town in the run up to their new 4-floor show, Grifters, taking over Lazarides’ Rathbone...