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Brighton Graffiti

New Addition

As the newest addition to UKSA, I wanted to write a post to introduce myself and say a big thanks for the invite. With...


Prescription Art: Inkfetish

Inkfetish dropped over his recent piece at the Prescription Art gallery in Brighton. Pop down if you’re in the area! FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Video: 3 Kings by Remi/Rough and System

New prints at Art Republic

Mr Brainwash and Hutch have recently released new prints through Art Republic. Pictured is ‘Le Bistro’ by Mr Brainwash, the street art moniker of...


New Imbue prints: ‘Let’s Bomb’

As if plying Brighton’s candy-floss eating day-trippers with fake narcotics wasn’t enough, Imbue’s now spraying the masses with double-entendres via his new prints, ‘Let’s...