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Brighton Graffiti

New Addition

As the newest addition to UKSA, I wanted to write a post to introduce myself and say a big thanks for the invite. With a background in design & illustration, I’m hoping to be able to contribute with interviews & features on the UK street art scene and crossovers that bleed into illustration, product design […]


Heavy Artillery/MSK’s Aroe’s piece in dedication to MCA

With the recent death of MCA, the Beastie Boys legend, Aroe of MSK/Heavy Artillery has produced this amazing piece in Brighton. Recreating the classic 1986 “Licensed to Ill” album cover as a fitting R.I.P tribute to MCA, the piece is 12ft high and 64 feet long. Details on the crumples of the plain crash show […]


Banksy’s “Kissing Coppers” to be sold and shipped to America

The Guardian are reporting that this famous piece, from the side of the pub in Brighton, is to be sold and shipped off to America: “The work, which depicts two policemen in a passionate clinch, has become a shrine for fans of the elusive graffiti artist and a regular stop on Brighton’s tourist trail. But, […]

Video: 3 Kings by Remi/Rough and System

New prints at Art Republic

Mr Brainwash and Hutch have recently released new prints through Art Republic. Pictured is ‘Le Bistro’ by Mr Brainwash, the street art moniker of French film maker Thierry Guetta, catch the re-working of Hutch’s cult ‘Rollergirl’ print after the jump. Both prints can be purchased for £100 here.


New Imbue prints: ‘Let’s Bomb’

As if plying Brighton’s candy-floss eating day-trippers with fake narcotics wasn’t enough, Imbue’s now spraying the masses with double-entendres via his new prints, ‘Let’s Bomb’. Available in colour (pictured) and black and white (after the jump), pick them up from Shock10 here for £80 and £60 respectively.