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VNA issue 10

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As with previous VNAs, issue 10 kicks off with a selection of the best recent paste-ups, graffiti, stencils, stickers and tags from the likes of ACE, Zoot, Astek, Elate, C215, Banksy, Mighty Monkey and more. Once you’re up to speed on the last couple of months’s outdoor work, the VNA crew then glide through an interview with Dalek and Delta, two internationally acclaimed graffiti-turned-contemporary artists, both providing really interesting reads.

Following the catch-up with Dalek and Delta you’re then offered a quick photo-led insight into Germany’s ArTotale festival, one of a handful of periphery pieces to feature in issue 10 on projects such as JR’s ‘Women Are Heroes’, Jess Douglas’s illustration and customisation from Nash Money.

Next up is the undoubted issue 10 money shot, the 14 page interview with cover star, D*Face. Speaking freely of his early punk and skateboarding influences, bombing missions with Shepard Fairey, collaborations with Banksy, street art today, and countless other interesting points, the interview is a brilliant and rare insight into one of street art’s most popular luminaries.

The third major interview is with the outspoken graffiti purist, Shok1. Clearly no shrinking violet, Shok unequivocaly puts the world to right on areas such as Hip Hop, graffiti today, street art and pretty much every other area of the scene. Regardless of whether you agree with all his points and opinions, it’s a hilarious read and great to see someone so passionate about his scene.

All in all, VNA 10 is yet another corker. Grab your copy here.

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