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Gaia A Show of Hands Exhibition

Exhibition: Gaia ‘A Show of Hands’

Nelly Duff is proud to present the premier solo UK exhibition of one of the most profound social muralists of recent years, Gaia. April 11th sees the opening preview of the exhibition, set at The Ravenscroft Public House, a one time social hub and now a forgotten relic of the failures of social housing. “Show […]

Video: 3 Kings by Remi/Rough and System

Print release and diary date: Eine at Nelly Duff

Cor blimey guv’na, this looks really good. Two London institutions, Nelly Duff and Eine will be toiling away for six weeks (sik weeks!) to break the world record for the highest number of spot colours ever printed on an editioned artwork. Once completed, Nelly will be staggering the release with an initial burst available through […]


Classic Toaster prints at Nelly Duff

Nelly Duff have teamed up with their old cronies ‘The Toaster‘ to release a number of classic prints from the cricket-loving scamps. Priced at a mere 50 pounds, grab yours here. And to see a full run check the Duff site here.

Video: 3 Kings by Remi/Rough and System

Sweet Toof prints at Nelly Duff

Two new prints from London’s honourary dentist, Sweet Toof, are on sale at Nelly Duff, the blue one (pictured) is £350 and the yellow one (pic after the jump) is £200, go get some. 


Angelique Houtkamps at Nelly Duff

“Folies les femmes” is Angelique Houtkamps first UK show. A highly respected Dutch tattoo artist & painter, her work conjures the graphic romance of tattoos from yesteryear, portraits of half women half animal, freakshow and carnival ladies who are strange, sexy and beautiful… Also featuring is her stunning original watercolour paintings as well as new limited […]