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Wild Art Phaidon Book

WIN! A copy of Phaidon’s newest book “Wild Art”

Inside, you’ll find 350 works from pimped cars, graffiti, extreme body art, ice sculpture, flash mobs, burlesque acts, portraits made from bottle tops, paintings made by animals, carnivals, giant artworks built to be appreciated from the air and even that (infamous) dress made of meat, worn by Lady Gaga.

Banksy New York Midtown

Banksy No. 3 in New York

Another Banksy has appeared in New York, this time depicting a dog taking a piss on a water hydrant who happens to have a voice.

Banksy Los Angeles

Los Angeles gets a new Banksy

It looks like Banksy has hit California with a few cans of black spray paint. The result is the mural pictured above and has been dubbed “Better Out Than In”.