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Banksy Los Angeles

Los Angeles gets a new Banksy

It looks like Banksy has hit California with a few cans of black spray paint. The result is the mural pictured above and has been dubbed “Better Out Than In”.


Testing the London Street Art Tours app with Nexus 7

I’ve been testing out the London Street Art Tours app recently and using a Nexus 7, it’s been a pleasure to try it out. The app features street art locations, mapped out across various areas of the city of London. Using custom markers, the interface allows you to navigate around town using maps for areas, […]

Kilo Sinstars, FBA

Kilo is a graffiti artist that first started painting back in 1984 and he’s been heavily involved in the game ever since then – whether it be graffiti, breakdancing or just the hip-hop scene in general, he’s been there and done it. His influence to pick up a spray can came from all the usual […]


Monorex x Secret Walls 9th Birthday

On Thursday we headed down to Arch 402 in Hoxton to the Monorex 9th birthday celebrations which involved a live battle between 3 artists from London and 3 from The Czech Republic. Free Rum from Ray and Nephew and live screenprinting on both tees and totes supplemented what was a great turnout and it just […]

Video: CBLOXX/MORBID – Return To Roots 2013

Video: CBLOXX/MORBID – Return To Roots 2013

Ohm Creative took a trip with CBLOXX/MORBID to Honley, just south of Huddersfield to Honley Open Gallery recently. Taking a trip back to her roots, she sprayed a piece like no other, the biggest wall she has ever painted. We’re sure you’ll agree with us here that both the detail and scale of this piece make it […]

RMER P Series Episode 1

Video: RMER – P-Series Episode 1

The first in a series of short films profiling people and their passions from Doomsday Productions in Cardiff. The first video features RMER who shows his adept skills at putting up a sick piece on a gate – very detailed and skilled. Video by Doomsday productions: Alun Rhys Morgan, Tomos Gwynfryn and Sion Hill. RMER: Trackside […]


Secret Walls x Monorex 9th Birthday

Secret Walls is back on it’s home-turf of London for a special one-off event bringing you a battle in a Secret East London venue for their big brother Monorex’s birthday! Secret Walls (formerly Secret Wars) is the World’s premier live art battle. Working in a similar way to Fight Club, Secret Walls battles are set […]

Pin It Forward UK - Pinterest

Pin It Forward UK

You may have heard of Pinterest before (we’re sure many of you have and are probably using it in some form). Pinterest is a way of collecting the things you love by easily organising and displaying imagery that describes your interests, your tastes and anything else you might have decided to put together. Pinterest got […]