Soundcrash All-dayer live art auction – works now being auctioned off for charity

Soundcrash, purveyors of some of the best music events in London, recently had an all-dayer event on the Bank Holiday weekend where 4 artists got to work on some live drawings to accompany the music.

Keshone, Mark Akien, Sri McKinnon and Candy Lo completed pieces which are now being auctioned off to the public with all proceeds going to MacMillan Cancer Support. The auction runs on eBay for the next 9 days, so get bidding!


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He's a UX and UI Designer based in London, UK. He enjoys travelling abroad, and exploring new cities, taking in the locals view of things. Posting photos of random things and food to Instagram. Going out with friends to festivals, gigs and clubs and loves cooking for friends and family.

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