Sickboy ‘Stay Free’ exhibition: update

Sickboy 'Stay Free' exhibition: update

There have been a few leaks from Sickboy HQ and it seems that Stay Free will see Sickboy transform a Victorian Grade II listed building into a veritable 3D playground, bringing in inspiration from the children’s story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. And as well as the Roald Dahl influenced environment, there will also of course be the usual smattering of paintings, prints and installations to take home with you as well.

But if you’re after something a little more then fret not, as one lucky visitor to the exhibition will inherit the artist’s ‘Stay Free Factory’, worth £20k. The Stay Free Factory installation features custom-designed windows, a veranda, and even a conveyor belt. One thousand golden keys will be released throughout the show (opens on December 3), and the person whose key fits the lock will become the new owner of the Factory.

The installation has been created in the signature Sickboy colours of red and yellow as apparently they’re the colours “that are known to be the best combination to make people feel warm and fuzzy inside” – Sickboy.


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