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Video: 3 Kings by Remi/Rough and System

New prints at Art Republic

Mr Brainwash and Hutch have recently released new prints through Art Republic. Pictured is ‘Le Bistro’ by Mr Brainwash, the street art moniker of French film maker Thierry Guetta, catch...


Ye Olde English Dunny series

There’s still time to check the Kid Robot pop-up store at Selfriedges, but not much as it closes on Saturday February 21. Nestled amongst an array of other vinyl delights,...


Kidz Art from Imbue

“Make your very own piece of Damien Hirst art. Its so easy, just colour in the dots using the crayons provided. Now you’re an artist too! Comes with signed colouring...


As seen on street

Loads of these orphan paste-ups popped up across London a couple of weeks ago. If you, like us have been wondering where they’ve come from check this guy’s flickr out...


Shok1 retrospective site

Shok1 has kindly created a blog to showcase his work from 1984-2004. Check it here – it’s an absolute beauty. FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest