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Lush is selling out in London!

Lush, the self proclaimed ‘graffiti asshole’ is coming the UK. He promises a warehouse show of pisstakes, cool “urban art”, cutting edge stenciling, idiotic...


Instagram: Daily Roundup

Finally got the cron working, here’s the first of our roundups for your Instagram photos tagged with #ukstreetart. Thanks for the submissions.


Smirnoff x D*Face

D*Face and Smirnoff have teamed up to create a limited edition collectable bottle.

AnyForty Interview

We sat down with UK Streetwear brand Anyforty’s head honcho Al Wardle to hear what the brand has been working on. UKSA: Anyforty have...


Snik update

The stencil wizard Snik has been a busy bee, painting Upfest (Bristol) and the huge group show – ‘STENCIL BASTARDS’ (Zurich) along side c215, orticanoodles, BTOY, Eime,...


Prefab77 in Dublin

Prefab77 has been busy in Dublin too, with a Jubilee/Queen inspired piece which features some intricate details. The piece is titled “Let it Reign”...