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New Banksy in London

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    OF STREET ART are DOING a event TOGETHER called ( G.B )
    MADE by styles of DRUM & BASS.
    Heading towards your way in LONDON .
    Keep you eyes open for more INFO.
    ( G.B) event will be making STREET ART HISTORY.

  2. yes its the bomb all right , wow, street art history is in the making lol
    as for the killersssssssss , ? understand about the masters .as banksy and goldie are the masters , every one knows , i shall be going 2 the G.B exhibit , yes i will be keeping my eyes open ,lol

  3. set me light , but before you do this , as long as i go 2 this exhibit called G.B with banksy & goldie , just amazing they are doing this together.
    using drum and bass styles ,

  4. i hope this not a sick joke , as ive been waiting for Banksy & Goldie
    2 work together for such long time.
    both have diffrent views and styles ,
    goldie has a strong passion for drum and bass
    after all he is a international dj
    as for banksy this new 2 me ,
    as banksy allways been into this hip hop crap
    yes i cant stand it myself , after all this is england ,
    R&B , with soul, at weekends hardhouse.
    but you cant have any thing in life .
    i will be going 2 the G.B with my ipod playing
    as i have a strong feeling this G.B exhibit
    will be playing drum and bass music. lol.
    as for this art work , boring very boring ,
    plz banksy every day mums and dads all over england
    cleans up the playground areas with this problem of drugs . not funny one bit , plz stop using drugs problems for street art ,

  5. kids playing with neddles ,
    wow , the question is
    did the kid have a hit before .
    after all kids start early on drugs.
    am asking what is banksy saying 2 us .
    i know i got a asbo because its free 2 any one .and waste of time .
    banksy should come 2 me ends , as vanessa is right ,
    our play area is all ways full of neddles.
    plz no 2 drugs as they cost lot money , get a free asbo .
    sooner the better banksy you come off this tip with kids and drugs then i would respect you lot more .
    this problem has been about for years
    the quicker you start do drum and bass designs with goldie the better
    as you cant keep doing this banksy
    you making a statement .
    but never give out the answer to the problems you show us .
    street art is about making us happy.
    plz banksy no more kids and drugs
    as us poor have 2 live with this every day.
    wishing you all the best with goldie for this G.B

  6. wicked 2 read about this GB event ,,, cant wait ,,,, as for this art work from Banksy,, dull & boring,,,,

  7. this art work is not my cup of tea,, boring,,,, i could done this myself,lol
    we know banksy is a bad ass artists … am the same less about our problems ,,,, also i cant wait for this G.B … goldie & banksy , calling them the masters i feel they hav few more years 2 ago as they havnt reach the age of 50 yet,lol. will be coming bk 2 found out more about the GB…