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Kilo Sinstars, FBA

Kilo is a graffiti artist that first started painting back in 1984 and he’s been heavily involved in the game ever since then – whether it be graffiti, breakdancing or just the hip-hop scene in general, he’s been there and done it. His influence to pick up a spray can came from all the usual […]


AnyForty Interview

We sat down with UK Streetwear brand Anyforty’s head honcho Al Wardle to hear what the brand has been working on. UKSA: Anyforty have managed to commission some amazing street inspired artists for your ranges (Richt, Gorey, J3 Concepts, Zombiecorp) is the street art style something that heavily influences AnyForty? AW: I wouldn’t say AnyForty […]


Interview: Eelus

What do you get when you combine 1000 cans of paint, eight artists, two weeks and one village in The Gambia? Wide Open Walls, an art safari, and an experience like no other. Eelus began working on this exciting new project having barely recovered from his impromptu solo show in New York; we grabbed him […]


Interview: Fin DAC

Rebecca Laing caught up with Fin DAC ahead of his print launch this Thursday at the Red Bull Studios in London: The multi-layered, intricate and bold artwork of Fin DAC has been adorning walls globally for just over two years, so it’s hard to believe that this week see’s the release of his first print; […]


Interview: Word To Mother

Pop Magazine caught up with London based artist Word To Mother, while the artist was in the midst of Italy’s FAME festival. POP: Tell me about the new work you are making. WTM: As well as working on some large letter pieces out here in Italy, I am producing a print with Angelo and Studio […]


Interview: Graffiti Kings

Graffiti; is it vandalism or art? It’s a question that’s perplexed many for decades. The public are now beginning to embrace graffiti artists and their work, yet the authorities still consider them to be as much of a menace as mindless taggers who are simply looking for a way to relieve boredom. Consequently many legitimate […]


Interview: Inkfetish

I’ll be honest, I have never been the biggest fan of manga inspired art, yet it was such a piece on Curtain Road in East London which introduced me to the work of Inkfetish. The vibrancy and fine detail simply pulled me in, and I’ve been a fan ever since. For seven years streets around […]


Interview: Dan Baldwin

He’s been described as ‘one of the UK’s best young artists’ by Sir Alan Sugar, has exhibited alongside Banksy, Peter Blake and Damien Hirst, and is revered by artists, celebrities and the art savvy alike; he is Dan Baldwin, artiste du jour, and current resident of London’s Signal Gallery. Multi-talented Baldwin’s new exhibition ‘A New Life’ […]


Up-close and personal with Poster Boy: The definitive interview

We’re big fans of Poster Boy here at UKSA, and although he’s not technically from the UK scene, we’d like to make an exception and introduce you all to this sterling talent! Clever, Creative and seriously cool, Poster Boy is the masked crusader waging war on advertising billboards across NYC will only a razor blade […]