Banksy drops a Twin Towers homage in Tribeca

Banksy drops a Twin Towers homage in Tribeca

Day 15 of the “Better Out Than In” show and Banksy has popped up another new artwork. This time it’s a homage to the Twin Towers, in Tribeca.

The mini outdoor stencil is a depiction of the silhouettes of the World Trade Center, positioned against the famous NYC skyline. The explosion is an orange blossom. It looks like the edges of the flower are either singed or sprayed.

What do you think?

Banksy drops a Twin Towers homage in Tribeca


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He's a UX and UI Designer based in London, UK.

  1. I’m sure the motivations were pure and his heart was in the right place but this is just a little too cute for my tastes having grown up on Long Island New York and having had that day burned permanently into my consciousness. Liked a lot of the other work he did the past few weeks. Liked the one he did on the side of a market in Woodside Queens and the caged stuffed animal truck that was rolling around Midtown if I remember correctly.

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