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Alex One at Stolen Space

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Keeping up their current momentum, Stolen Space have invited Parisian badman Alex One for a show opening on August 21. Check out a selection of images from the show and a brief background of the talented man after the jump.

As well as a selection of originals for sale, there will be one print release (hand pulled by the artist himself) plus signed copies of his book Came A Yeux (Drugs For The Eyes) available.

Born In 1976 Alexone now lives and works in Paris. Coming from a graffiti background he rose to fame in the early 90’s with his striking letter-based tags (under the name of Oedipe – Oedipus) appearing on the streets of Paris. Since then his distinctive work has won him a reputation far beyond France and exhibitions all over Europe, among them Paris, Hamburg, Milan, Berlin, Amsterdam and Brussels. Alexone regularly collaborates with other urban artists, among them members of the GM and 9e Con- cept groups. With whom he exhibited in a group show in the Pompidou Centre in January this year. Alexone’s work is filled with colourful and eccentric characters and is often humorous and playful. Integrated with word games and references to ideas, he creates a dialogue between the work and the viewer.  A closer look may reveal a slight uneasiness, this excess of contortion and obscurity inducing a sense of disturbance. However this great mix of humour and unease provokes questions in the viewer which is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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