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final VNA 19 launch flier

VNA 19 Launch party this Thursday

This Thursday sees the launch of VNA 19 at Dream Bags Jaguar Shoes in Shoreditch, London. Running from 6 through to 9, there will be drinks, and a limited edition cover artwork from Lister on the night.

This guys photorealism work is simply amazing.

On the Road Again

This post is quite simple really, it’s a few shots of some of my favourite pieces that I have had the privilege to see, in recent months, and I thought that I would share them with you. When it comes to the graffiti and street art scene, the West Midlands is not one of the […]


Phelgm in Ireland

Phlegm hit West Cork in Ireland recently with a new piece. A fish, acting as a submarine, piloted by his characters – we love it!  



Sit back and checkout this interview with Brighton local & global wall destroyer MEGAMUNDEN aka Ollie Munden. UKSA: Hey Mega, we’ve seen your involvement in some pretty super scale projects – what are some of the biggest pieces you’ve worked on? MM: I suppose what your meaning by biggest. With regard to mural / live […]

This is one of his most recent pieces and it's also one of the best I've seen him do!

Go Big or Go Home!

This is a post dedicated to my friend and artist, Skema, and his “Go Big or Go Home” ethic. Skee has been into the scene since the mid 1980′s and painting and airbrushing detailed designs onto motorbikes and motorbike helmets was where he originally gained some notoriety for himself. Despite this, he always loved his […]

One seriously, tough shot to get this was!

Goldie – The Legend

Clifford Joseph Price, aka Goldie, is now mainly known for being a DJ, actor, and as a musician (Metalheadz etc) but in other circles he has never been forgotten as a graffiti artist and breakdancer which was a culture that he’d abosorbed due to many visits to the States during his youth. You’d be surprised […]

Artist: Mef

Steel Horses with Kem and Mef

Kem and Mef are two the best graffiti artists around in the UK right now and they have been heavily into the scene since 1984. They love nothing more than to paint a wall but they have amazing skills when it comes to using other media such as canvas as well. To celebrate this they […]


Instagram: Daily update

These Instagram updates are going well so far, here’s a roundup of some of the best submissions over the last day. Keep them coming by tagging your photos with #ukstreetartI