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Upfest 2012

Upfest 2nd, 3rd & 4th June – (Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend) This weekend Europe’s largest urban art festival Upfest place for its fifth year and has...


Seize Art Fare – London, June 1st

This weekend see’s a very interesting event take place in our capital city, no I don’t mean the royal knees up, im talking about...

Video: The art at Streetfest 2012

Video: The art at Streetfest 2012

A video put together by one of the VNA crew, Joao Retorta, showcasing the live art that went down at the recent Streetfest in Shoreditch....


Updates: Banksy Indoors

Along with the update to his website for the outdoor pieces, there’s a series of new images depicting some new works – destined for...


Updates: Banksy Outdoors

On inspection of the Banksy website, there’s a host of new images depicting some of his recent pieces outside. Confirmation of the outdoor piece depicting child labour in Turnpike Lane/Wood Green, London along with a series of others, including the ‘trimming of the bush’.

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Brighton Graffiti

New Addition

As the newest addition to UKSA, I wanted to write a post to introduce myself and say a big thanks for the invite. With...


The London Vandal launch their webstore

The London Vandal announced their brand new webshop recently, placing themselves in to the graffiti supply and apparel sphere with a selection of spray paint, markers, booksand magazines....


New Banksy in Turnpike Lane, London

Mr Banksy has popped up a new piece in Turnpike Lane, London. The image depicts a child labourer getting the bunting ready for the Queen’s...