Monthly Archives: December 2011

Video: Moniker Art Fair 2012 recap

Banksy ‘Cardinal Sin’ Sculpture at Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Banksy has been busy recently with his new pieces on the streets last weekend and today this piece called “Cardinal Sin” at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool: “The piece, made in response to the child abuse scandals that the church seems to be known for these days, features a face taken off and replaced […]


Unit44: One Year On

It’s time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Unit44 in Newcastle as they look back on a year’s worth of top shows. To celebrate, this Thursday sees the guys throw a show at the usual space with artwork from Eelus, Prefab77, Stormie Mills, Remi Rough, SheOne, Mr Penfold, C215, Darren Henderson, & Hush. They […]


Banksy at The National Gallery

There’s been an update on the official Banksy website, and for those of you missed the new pieces put up over the weekend, here’s the one on the side of The National Gallery


Fimbulvinter: The Mob Hits Manchester

Thursday sees an evening of live art and stunning creation with The Dead Sea Mob and their friends Eight Bit, Guy McKinley, Michael Shantz & Mr Gauky at The Night & Day Cafe in Manchester. There’s going to be presents to purchase, prizes, exclusive merchandise, RSVP to the Facebook event and head down there for the evening.


Amnesty international: Making the Invisible Visible

‘Making the Invisible Visible’ created such widespread awareness for the case of Troy Davis, that Amnesty International have worked with W+K again to extend the campaign across Europe. Each of the new installations depict a close up of an individual’s face. With the image invisible from the front on view, as you approach the fence […]


Exhibition: Invader’s ‘Attack of the Space Waffles’ at Outsiders London

Invader has descended on London for his new solo show ’Attack of the Space Waffles’ which opened on December 2nd at The Outsiders London. ‘Space Waffles Attack!’ is surreal, spaced-out, and suitably seasonal. The new exhibition showcases brand new mosaic Alias’, an Invader disco ball, a 20 minute documentary and a ‘Space Waffle Machine’ which, you guessed […]