Monthly Archive: September 2010

White Canvas Project – The Movie

Banksy in Basque

With “Exit Through the Gift Shop” premiering in Basque Country at the International Film Festival of San Sebastian, it’s not surprising that Banksy fans were keeping their eyes out for stencils from the...

White Canvas Project – The Movie

K-Guy x The Pope

K-Guy produced this topical piece yesterday to coincide with the visit from the Pope. Great stuff! FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest

Interview: Fin DAC

Rebecca Laing caught up with Fin DAC ahead of his print launch this Thursday at the Red Bull Studios in London: The multi-layered, intricate and bold artwork of Fin DAC...

White Canvas Project – The Movie

New works by Banksy

Sourced from SlamxHype: “Banksy, continues to rework the streets with his unique approach to street art and this latest series showcases the artists ironic approach. No location is given, although...

White Canvas Project – The Movie

“Banksy in his own words”

The Sun have compiled this interesting read with the highly illustrious and even more secretive Banksy. With this shot of the artist taken in his studio, the outlet of the...